Download QuickTime presentation I put this together last year as an entry into Apple’s Keynote contest and meant to post it for download long ago. The original format is Keynote and includes several large Quicktime movies that have been removed for the download to reduce file size. I replaced the movies with a still image taken from the movie to retain the original flavor. Also, please note this is encoded in using Apple’s new H.264 codec which requires QuickTime 7 a free download from Apple. Also, because it is intended as a presentation of slides rather than a movie you may need to pause playback to read the text. Click the link to the left to see the movie in a page or you can control click/right click to save it to your hard drive. Oh, and one last note: I just noticed that Apple has not yet released Quicktime 7 for Windows. Dammit. Well, okay, fine… dammit. Heh. Well, I’ll leave this up for now with apologies to folks on Windows. I’ll try to convert it to another codec for folks using Quicktime 6 and get that posted in the next day or two.

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