A few weeks ago I was contacted by Rowan of Radical Noesis - Thinking outside the box with an invitation to participate in a new blog. Looks like the project is off to a great start. From the about page:

We here at Radical Noesis feel that the earth is facing two bottom-line challenges - the end of oil as an accessible resource, and global warming. Either of these events are catastrophic to the planet. Taken together, they could end life as we know it - physically and environmentally - for all living things. While the prospect is catastrophic, the possibilities are equally immense. We have before us two interlinked disasters that effect everyone and every nation on the planet. We can work together, or we can die alone. We believe we can work together. Radical Noesis is focused on these two critical issues and their ramifications. It aims to provide information and analysis, as well as vision and action. We are working collaboratively in this endeavor, We definitely need to “think outside the box” and mobilize outside the box as well. That is our task. We are committed to doing our part to save the world. We hope that Radical Noesis will be a useful tool to that end.

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