Source: Iraq Coalition Casualties:

Take a look at the average per day for each month and the year ago month. There is an increase in nearly every case. Elections were held in January but as many pointed out elections do not equal democracy or freedom. Bush and his supporters went crazy over the purple fingers more out of desperation than real celebration and evidence will continue to mount that the invasion of Iraq was a huge mistake.

Democracy cannot be forced upon people, nor does freedom magically spring up overnight like a beanstalk. Funny thing, Bush wants the world to believe that,thanks to him, freedom is on the move. Far from it. All we have to do is take a look at the “Homeland” and we will see that we are not free and that democracy is a false facade.

In the future people will see that the end of World War 2 was a turning point for the planet. The U.S. emerged as the new empire and at the same moment, its citizens turned away from the responsibilities of “democracy” and embraced the “dream” of consumerism. The election of George W. Bush and 9/11/01 will prove to be another turning point: the collapse of the American Empire.

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