Last night at the ocean! Tomorrow we head back to Missouri, just in time for spring. As much as I’ve enjoyed the beauty of this ocean ecosystem I love the incredible diversity of Missouri and will be happy to be back. It won’t be long before frogs wake up and the early wild flowers will be showing their faces soon.

About the fish picture: we found four of these guys on the beach one day. Strange that we would find so many on one day but not a single one on any other day. Also, today we saw our first live jellyfish. We’ve been seeing them dead washed up on shore but the one we saw today, approximately 16 inches in diameter, was very much alive and just 15 feet from shore so it was easy to observe. No dolphins today but the water was calmer than every other day and perfectly clear. The perfect last day.

I’ve added another 70+ photos to my Flickr photo blog.

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