The Irregular times has a post about H.R. 418 and I have to say, this is some scary stuff. If this should pass, well, it is yet another step towards total control:

H.R. 418, a bill currently before the U.S. Congress, reads in part as follows:

(1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall have the authority to waive, and shall waive, all laws such Secretary, in such Secretary&rsquo;s sole discretion, determines necessary to ensure expeditious construction of the barriers and roads under this section.<br /><br />(2) NO JUDICIAL REVIEW- Notwithstanding any other provision of law (statutory or nonstatutory), no court shall have jurisdiction–
(A) to hear any cause or claim arising from any action undertaken, or any decision made, by the Secretary of Homeland Security pursuant to paragraph (1); or(B) to order compensatory, declaratory, injunctive, equitable, or any other relief for damage alleged to arise from any such action or decision.’

Let me restate that in plain English for you: If H.R. 418 is passed into law, the Secretary of Homeland Security, a Bush appointee nobody elected, will have the right to declare null and void any law…

No judges will have the ability to overrule the Secretary of Homeland Security’s judgment in declaring null and void ANY LAW.

Let me put it in even starker terms: if H.R. 418 is passed into law, the Secretary of Homeland Security can declare null and void any law whenever she or he feels like it, and in doing so can’t be overruled by anyone… except, of course, the President, George W. Bush. Does that make you feel comfortable?

Under this bill, the Bush administration would be granted the right to declare null and void any law, something that until now has been the job of the Congress or the courts. And under this bill, the courts have no ability to challenge the actions of the Bush administration.

Bye bye, checks and balances.

Bye bye, due process.

Bye bye, judicial review.

Bye bye, civil rights.

This is how police states happen, friends.

And guess who’s behind it.

Republicans? Why, no, it couldn’t be! Republicans are the party of the little guy standing against the nasty elitist system, right? Republicans are for small government, right? Republicans don’t want some bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. to control your life, right?

Think again. Of the 126 members of Congress who have formally thrown their support behind this bill, 98.4% are Republican. That’s right, folks, this bill is 98.4% Republican pure. And it’s not just a couple of loony birds who are pushing this bill, either. The loony birds have taken over the loony bin: More than half of the 234 Republican members of the House of Representatives have signed their names to this bill, indicating their support. This bill is going places, unless we do something to stop it.

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