Hey, Paula Zahn, fuck you. Okay. I’ve already written once, no, twice, about the current situation with Ward Churchill but I’ll go ahead and do it again. Fuck, I’ll write about it every day.

Obviously I’m pissed and I thought twice about posting. It amazes me that these media fucks are so unwilling or unable to understand what Churchill is trying to communicate. It’s really not that hard though which makes me think that media idiots like Paula Zahn really are stupid or they understand but would rather not deal with Churchill. Why? Because dealing with him and his arguments fairly means opening up a can of worms the size of a swimming pool. Again, for your reading enjoyment is Churchill’s essay Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens. Also, here again is his response to recent events. The American media will do anything they can to avoid the argument Churchill makes. It’s their job and function to do so. It follows that the majority of America will do exactly as expected: they also will turn away.

We can turn away from Churchill and his argument but doing so only allows our ignorance to persist which will lead to further tolerance and support of U.S. foreign policy. The result will likely be another 9-11. To that I can only say, the chickens will roost and none of us is innocent.

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