Music mix by me, words by Noam Chomsky. In clip one he is speaking about the need for and potential of creative work when carried out by free people. In clip two he is speaking of the need to challenge unjustifiable authority and state capitalism. I’ll be posting another Chomsky mix in a couple days. If folks like these I might do a series. Truth is they are really fun to put together… and as far as podcasts go I’m enjoying this more than hearing myself talk. I imagine that at some point I’ll return to to that format but for now I’m just not… inspired… oh no, it’s podcasters block!

For those that commented on the last podcast, hopefully the voice to music balance is good on this. I don’t know because on my set-up the voice is clearly audible though I thought it was fine on the Grid Remix.

littlepod.jpg More via the Podcast which is also available as a direct mp3 download runtime: 3'59, 3.7 MB.

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