Okay, yet another non-political post and the second one in two days. This is something I’ve wanted to mention before but didn’t.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday night I stay up till 3 or 4 am watching the X Files. On at least a couple of occasions I have stayed up till 5 am. Thankfully those are the only nights it is on because I simply cannot resist. I’ve just recently discovered that the Sci-Fi channel shows the X Files from 4-5pm every day so that’s another hour per day. While I’m at it let me admit, if I happen to see that The Crow is on I’ll watch that too. I’ve seen than movie 10 times in the past 10 months and yet I know I’ll continue to watch it every time it is on.

In fact, I’ve become something of a sci-fi junkie. I can’t help myself. Star Trek Next Generation? I’ll watch it. Star Trek Original? I’ll watch it. What worries me is that I’ll start watching more. No. Must. Turn. Off. TV.

Just one more episode… this one is great… Mulder and Scully are trapped in an arctic research center and…