My good friend Thom has a few thoughts about Bush and his Rightwing Christ Killers::

When I was 12, I dedicated my life to Christ. In the time since, I have been taught by well meaning people that Christians should side with the current conservative political party. I have to say that Jesus couldn’t disagree more.

When Bush commands troops to war in Iraq, he is killing Christ. Every child maimed and murdered, every mother with no food or water, every brother or sister watching their civilian siblings burn up in the fire of our smart bombs is the personification of Christ - “the least of these” are Christ’s siblings. Our tax money makes us participants - a nation of goats - of modern day Christ-killers. The neo-conservatives execute Christ everyday, and they do it with mockery and glee. Their weapons? In Iraq, it is with Bombs and bullets. In the United States, death row and the machines of poverty-making. Christ-killer - a term mostly used perjoratively by anti-semetic bigots - is more accurately used to describe the conservative culture of the US.

Christ said, “If you love me you will do what I told you to do.” (New American Thom version.) Jesus told us that in the past, an eye for an eye was the legal standard. Christ then instructed us to turn the other cheek. To combat evil with good. Not bunker busting bombs. To stop theivery with radical charity. Not police brutality.

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