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August 10, 2003

I don’t believe it: Halliburton getting most of the Iraq oil work?

According to this article at the New York Times Halliburton is unfairly favored by the bidding process. 

Of course those making the decisions say everything is fair and square. Excuse me if I think that they are being less than truthful. 

What a scam.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but Bush, Cheney and the other liars and profiteers should be tried for war crimes.

August 10, 2003


Well folks, I’ve decided to move on over to a new home in blogsville. I’ll miss this space as it’s been my first real blog. I had a blast setting it up and using blosxom which I recommend. But TypePad is just amazing and I can’t help myself. It’s a sinch to set up and modify. It’s soooooooo easy to post to. They’ve designed an interface which loads super fast and is easy to navigate. The code is tight and oh so compliant. In just three days my readership has jumped from 15/day to over 100/day! I think this is due to the ever-changing list of recently updated blogs on the main page. The tech support is great. I’ve had several questions and all have been answered lickity-split.

I know there are a few benefits I’m not thinking to mention here but I think I’ve got the important stuff covered.

If you have me linked to your blog please consider updating to my new address. As of this post I won’t be updating this anymore. I will leave it intact for awhile. I should have most of my archive moved over in the next week or so.

U.S. used napalm in Iraq 

According to this article at the Independent U.S. pilots used napalm in the advance towards Baghdad.

Of course, it’s okay because the U.S. did not sign onto the 1980 U.N. convention which banned the use of napalm. 

The Pentagon initially denied the use of napalm. They assert that something different was used: Mark 77 firebombs. These are not napalm though they do contain ingredients which are nearly identical and have the exact same effect.

I sure do appreciate the honesty of these folks at the Pentagon. They’re just like their boss at the white house.

In an instant… gone! 

No more moments? Peter Lynds, a 27-year old college drop out in New Zealand is shaking the pillars of reality. What if our understanding of time is wrong? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this one.

There is no ‘Now’ now

Mute Blog 

Very cool: muteblog

Go check it out. An interesting way to browse around.