Is painful. But damn, I guess it’s better than most I’ve had. In a strange way I’ve actually been looking forward to going in lately. I think that’s because it’s a lower stress environment than my home life has been lately. I work at the Memphis Literacy Council and I’m happy to be working at a place that isn’t about making a profit. It’s great to see people helping each other on a daily basis. Though I suppose I’m frustrated. Much of the work I do is repetetive: data entry. I’m a total fucking office dork and it get’s old. Damn, I’ve been there for 5 years and that’s longer than any other job I’ve ever had. Sometimes the urge to quit is overwhelming but thet I wonder where I’d want to work and I can’t think of any job situation that would be better. Maybe I just lack creativity.

I suppose that in many ways it’s an ideal situation. My pay is a little low but the work is not too demanding and leaves me with plenty of energy for my real passions… whatever the hell they are. This is the direct opposite of Sue who’s cleaning people’s houses and is utterly exhausted after working or Renae who’s wating tables and who comes home with her back aching.

Here’s something most folks are amazed to hear: the national illiteracy rate for adults is around 25%. That’s 1 in 4 adults. The rate in Memphis is a little higher. I’m happy that places like the Literacy Council exist in most cities and and that most of them offer their services for free or at very low cost. It’s a shame though that less than 1% of those who are illiterate use these services on a regular basis. I’m amazed at the way people are able to adapt to life without the ability to read.

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