Ah…. it amazes me how much music can shift my reality. We don’t just listen to music, we use it. I suppose that’s obvious but I hadn’t really thought of it that way till tonight.

Listening to Azure Ray right now… so sweet and kinda sad too… but comforting at the same time.

Current favorites: Virgin Suicides soundtrack, Asian Dub Foundation, Morcheeba, Poi Dog Pondering,1 Giant Leap soundtrack, Leonard Cohen, and They Might be Giants.

For the geeks out there… the new Apple iPods are pretty sweet. I sold my 5 gig to Brandon and bought the new 10 gig last week. Smaller and lighter though supposedly less battery life… 8 hours instead of the former 10. It’s nice to have the added ability to use text notes… I could see lots of potential there. The backlit buttons are pretty nifty. Overall it seems more sensitive to touch than the older iPods and I’m not quite use to that yet. I’m finding that it’s easier to accidentally push buttons… hopefully it’s just a matter of adjusting.

One last note, Apple’s iTunes and the iPod now support the AAC file format which supposedly increases quality and allows for smaller files. I’ve encoded a few cd’s with it but hell, I don’t really notice a difference in quality. Since the files are smaller I suppose it makes sense to go with the new format.

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