Oh boy 

regime change

So, yes it’s off to war. I’m working on setting up a new site. Hopefully it’ll be up later today or tonight: usa-regime-change.org. It seems to me that nothing short of forced regime change in the U.$. will bring peace. I think the U.$. has lost it’s right to be a sovereign nation. No longer a democracy, but something else and it’s out of control.

Dru over at Full Bleed has posted an excellent article which pretty much sums it up.

It’s time that the world community unite against the U.$. and bring it under control. Force a regime change but not just the president and vice president. Some sort of democracy needs to be put into place and the people of the U.$. don’t seem to be in a position to do it.

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Regime change in the U.$. 

Okay. So, it appears that that mother fucker shit face is going to war whether the world wants it or not. I am so disgusted. Unbelievable. so much of the world as said NO! to war in Iraq and yet this dickhead is going to push forward. Hell, hundreds of thousands have protested in the u.$. and you can bet there are hundreds of thousands more who oppose it…. even with all the brainwashing and propaganda coming out of cnn and other corporate media.

This guy is so much worse than Saddam. He is evil. What makes him different is that he has a huge arsenal… the largest military in the world, at his disposal.

Oh, and what comes after the war? Heh. Some U.$. companies stand to make a profit. (Thanks to Dru at Full Bleed for pointing to that article).

So this is capitalism and imperialism at it’s finest. This is disgusting. It’s fucking vile. These people are just plain sick. Words like grotesque might cover it. I don’t know. We might need some new ones. This whole situation leaves me at a loss for words. I’m really having a difficult time processing it.

I think the world needs a movement which demands regime change in the U.$. which could be coordinated through the U.N. Within the U.$. there should be a movement to impeach Bush. If he’s not removed then perhaps the world community should use whatever force is necessary. Turn about is fair play. The U.$. should be forced to disarm. The fuckers in the White House should be put on trial for war crimes. Only when this evil empire is put down will we have a chance for a new world.