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    @paulcraig901 @jabel Yeah, 470 miles in 7 days. That does seem a bit bonkers. Another one that boggles my mind is the Tour Divide. 2,700 miles in 2 to 3 weeks. 😳

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    @paulcraig901 @jabel Yeah, that's beautiful riding weather! I've never ridden a recumbent but they do look fun. I've never ridden a century but after 20 years away from cycling due to knee problems I started riding again late in 2019 and during the summer/fall 2020 I was able to get out several days a week for 35-50 mile gravel rides on the county roads around me. It was a strange cognitive disconnect to be aware that as covid raged all around me I was having one of the best summers of my life.

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    @paulcraig901 😂😬😆

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    @starrwulfe Ah! You are reminding me of Octavia Butler in your description. And yes, exactly this, this is the reality of a broken world breaking more. I'm convinced that the bubbles of the middle class will pop, one suburban subdivision at a time.

    It's a tragic but entirely predictable outcome given capitalism as the econimic foundation that we have created an individualistic culture that would spiral into violence and increasing chaos as resources diminish. And it seems we're only in the early decades of that process.

    The comfort bubbles of the middle classes will pop in the not too distant future regardless of the self-denial and delusional fantasies they tell themselves. The US of 2024 still refuses to grapple with the fundamental truths of it's founding: white supremacy, genocide and land theft. It's there in our past and in our present.

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    @starrwulfe And thank you for getting the ball rolling with the inspiration!

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    @pratik @davidmarsden I doubt anyone expects him to solve a 75 year old problem, no. But he would have a great deal of national and international support if he and Congress took the step of defusing the current crisis by immediately halting US support of Israel and calling for a ceasefire.

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    I don't know what you mean by a permanent ceasefire. Didn't that exist before Oct.7th?

    To answer that I'll refer you to the statements made in this thread regarding the past several decades of Israel's repeated violation of international law. Your suggestion assumes that Israel has been peaceful and clearly demonstrates your bias in favor of Israel.

    It should not have to be repeatedly pointed out to you the role Israel and the United States have played in creating the current situation.

    I'll say it again: Decades of land theft, unlawful imprisonment, apartheid and overwhelming, one sided violence.

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    @pratik @davidmarsden @samjc @kimberley_rose Agreed with both of David's responses. However you want to frame it, the point is, Biden and Congress should withdraw support for Israel immediately. It's been breaking the law since far before October 7.

    Just adding that I'm also in favor of a permanent ceasefire and end to Israel's illegal operation. The temporary ceasefire would be a step in the right direction but should be permanent. From what I've gathered in recent weeks the ceasefire you're referring to is to be temporary and Israel's leadership has made it clear by their actions (and statements) thus far that they intend to continue violating international law as soon as any temporary ceasefire expires.

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    @pratik I haven't yet checked out the link, but I will do so after I post this. Why do qualify oppressors with "so-called"?

    Also, I think you have it backwards in your framing of violence here. Anybody that looks at the statistics on violence for the past 40 years can plainly see the vast difference in violence on the two sides in the history of a very one-sided conflict. To be clear it has been the Israeli side that has engaged in war crimes and land theft for decades.

    Again, I will say that war crimes are never justified on either side and Hamas has been rightly condemned for war crimes. And yet Israel has been given a free pass for decades, why the disparity? The disparity seems to say that war crimes matter, but only when one side commits them.

    So when you refer to one side losing the right to complain, it sounds a bit weird to me. It almost seems like you're justifying Israel's violence.

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  • @mbkriegh I think it only describes one half of the moment. And yes, it's deeply troubling, a crisis to be sure. This morning, reponding to another post on my timeline I wrote what I'd consider to be the other half of this moment we are in. The other half of the crisis.

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    @Annie Yes, this. So much this.

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    @starrwulfe I started to write a reply but after three paragraphs with no end in sight I decided to just write a full blog post.

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    @pratik Yep. Only 4% counted in Wayne County, they've got 2,000 votes, 24%. That's where Dearborn is and I think will be a higher percentage. I guess we'll see what happens.