Stargazing from the front yard

Still here! Spent a lot of time this summer thinking about the larger universe. Perspective is good.

The cool thing about astronomy? It is also time travel! Did you know that when you look into the night sky your eye is being hit by the actual photons that were put forth by the stars you are looking at? We are connected to those stars through those photons, some of which have been traveling to us for many thousands of years. Look at a neighboring galaxy such as Andromeda and your eyes are connecting with particles that have traveled for 2.5 million years, 5.8 trillion miles each year, and they finally meet you and your eyes. How fantastic is that?


2 thoughts on “Stargazing from the front yard

  1. ShortiGorgeous

    Dear Denny,

    Good afternoon! I am a fellow gardender and crafter out of Maryland. My husband and I want to start a little at home crafting business and call it "Geek in the Garden" I looked online and your site popped up as using that name. Would you mind if I used that name for our home business? We would be selling odds and ends in MD, PA and possibly WV. Please let me know your thoughts,

    Thank you and have a lovely day.

    Beth Ovando

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