Guineas in the gardenI’m really loving these guineas! Not only are they beautiful birds but they are fantastic in the garden. In the mornings they follow me into the fenced kitchen garden and spend the day in there eating bugs. Unlike our chickens the guineas do no damage to the plants nor do they throw mulch everywhere. They just putter around eating bugs. I’m fairly certain that I’ll be adding another five or ten to the flock next summer.

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3 thoughts on “Guineas!

  1. eag

    Go for it!Aren't they gorgeous birds to have around? Mine adore hanging out with the chooks/hens in a team and have recently laid a couple of eggs in a goose nest.Little characters and a delight to live with.Mine free range and roost nightly in their gum tree.

  2. denny

    yes, beautiful indeed! such cute characters. mine are mostly free range. so far they have roosted in the large enclosed and safe cage extension of the chicken coop which makes me happy. we've got LOTS of owls around here so its nice to know they are safe at night.

    i LOVE homesteading.

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