New Cabin Progress!

New Cabin Floor
We’ve started work on a new cabin which will serve as a place for the kids to sleep and play, especially during the next several months as we work on Kerry and Greg’s cabin. The original idea was to rebuild Emma’s playhouse but as we realized that the space would actually be more than a place to play but a needed sleeping and storage space. We ended up re-using wood for the floor but the rest is new lumber.

Walls going up
The salvaged wood from the original playhouse which was built from wood pallets will be re-used again as a shed extension for storing the kids bikes as well as a variety of equipment. Nothing goes to waste! In fact, from a permaculture perspective there is no such thing as waste, just resources which are not being properly used.

Siding and roofing
I’m always amazed at how quickly we are able to get these buildings up. It’s true that they are small and that certainly makes things go much more quickly. We’ve still got several days work on this cabin. We have to finish the roof and then the inside finishing, probably about five to six more days. Our site is slowly starting to have the look of a little village with the various buildings, gardens, food forests and paths. Hard to believe that we’ve only been at this for a year!

Cabin at night

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