Cabin Progress

Cabin InteriorWe made a bit more progress with the cabin this past weekend. Specifically I finished putting up the insulation and Greg put up the interior paneling and most of the trim. Next on the list is finishing the trim and then a sleeping loft and shelving. I’ve also got to decide if I want to stain, paint, or clear coat the walls which are plywood beadboard. I’ve seen some paint/glaze effects that look nice on beadboard. I had not planned on painting it but I’m not sure that I like the look of this wood.

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5 thoughts on “Cabin Progress

  1. Michael

    I really like your place. I don't think I could make the full transition you have made but we are downsizing our house and hope to spend more time in the mtns. We are about to build a 10×12 cabin/shed on our property in southern Idaho. I have in mind something like your shed roofed cabin. Can you tell me the wall heights for the low and high sides of your cabin?

  2. denny

    Hey Michael, thanks! Lower side is 8 ft, high side is 10 feet. The upside is that in such a small space the high roof adds a sense of spaciousness that I appreciate. Also, if I wanted I could do some shelving up there to store stuff. With the right design you could probably do a sort of half loft I think. Since that photo I built a loft bunk thing on the low side for visitors, my bed on the low side. Works great. Had I designed differently I could have put it on the high side and it might have been a bit more useable… almost a second floor/loft. In such a small space where you place windows, ceiling fan and wood burning stove can all change how you use that vertical space.

  3. Michael

    Denny, thanks for the reply. I think somewhere I saw that your cabin is 12×16? I like your proportions but I have to deal with 12" of snow water accumulation and probably need a steeper roof.

    I'm thinking of doing 7' and 9' walls on the 10×12 for at 2/10 pitch roof. 12" OC rafter spacing should handle the snow load.

    We are going to try a ram pump and see if we can get water up on the ridge at the cabin. I would like to grow some short season hardy vegetables for the dinner table.

  4. denny

    Hey Michael, no problem. Yeah my cabin is 12×16. I think using the metal roof helps too as it is a lighter load in comparison to a plywood/shingle roof. I think the most snow accumulation I've seen on my roof was last winter, maybe 6-8".

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