Evidence of climate change

The BBC reports: Alaskan people tell of climate change:

For the past 20 years climatologists and ice and atmosphere scientists have been working in Alaska studying climate change.

Now they have discovered a rich new source of records extending their knowledge back by decades through the oral history of native Alaskans.

Barrow is the most northerly town in the United States, lying 300 miles inside the Arctic Circle.

And 92-year-old Bertha Leavitt is its oldest inhabitant.

“When I was a child”, she says, “it was so much colder and the winds in winter used to be fierce.” She remembers her elders telling in their stories that the weather was going to change. And since her childhood she believes this has come true.

Assuming humans do survive much longer I think those of the future will look back and wonder how those alive during this time were so easily misguided. How have so many allowed so few the power to completely destroy our planet? Why did we go along? Western nations and particularly the U.S. will be remembered as selfish gluttons that destroyed our planet.

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