@paulcraig901 I hope you're right. I should be more careful of my assumptions. The truth is I live in a rural area and don't get out much (labyrinthitis doesn't allow for much driving) to talk to local people the way I would have in the past.

@mbkriegh @stupendousman I live in a deeply red county (Madison County, MO) in a state that leans heavily to the red. See above limits on my ability to travel. Which is to say, I'm not in a county/district that's going to vote for Biden. It's not even close.

But beyond that, in brutal honesty, this situation is a dumpster fire. I know people don't want to hear this but Biden should have stepped aside. He should have been encouraged, nudged or shoved off the ballot. I have no idea how high level in-party politics work. He's too damn old and he's really starting to show it. That goes for Trump and Sanders. I'm sure I'll get pushback for bringing it up but there shoud be an upper age limit for serving in the office. And all three of them are past what I would consider reasonable.