@ovr Yes and agreed. Sadly, I think it's actually very much possible. But not with the humanity we have. Of particular note, not with the current political leadership, media systems and citizenry. The political systems are not capable of doing it, especially in the US where it's all fundamentally broken. But equally important, citizens themselevs seem, for the most part, to just want to offload all responsibility on others. 300 million Americans that live in a 24/7 consumer frenzy pretend that it's only the big companies that are all to blame. Their driving, flying and hyper consumption somehow, magically, don't figure in.

And yes, of course as many will always say, with better leadership, laws and regulation it would be easier to do the right thing because we need the change of infrastructure to facillitate. Agreed, but I would simply say, also, 300 million Americans could exercise far more self control, restraint and change of behavior right now for immediate effects. But they won't be bothered.

They'll put the thermostat at the level most comfortable to them. They'll buy what they please. They'll drive when they please. And fly when they please.