@manton It's been interesting reading and listening to you and others' frustrations with the App store and Apple in recent weeks and months. Years really. I'm not a developer but it seems to me that much of the discussion has been too narrowly defined from the perspective of the more technical developer/pundit communities. It makes sense that such a bias would exist because there is so much overlap.

But left out of that discussion are the users best exemplified by users like my granny, aunts, uncles, dad, sister... most of my extended family are not technical in the way most Mac users are. They mostly use iPhones and iPads and a few use Macs or Windows but even those folks are not advanced users. Perhaps my family is unusual in their lack of technical sophistication?

Certainly the app store experience could be better for developers. Certainly many things could be improved. But I also think the discussion itself would be better if it were more inclusive or thoughtful in recognition of what is likely a majority of users that are not technical and whom have benefited from the App store model and all of it's limitations.