@pratik @stupendousman I have no experience with living in India and haven't watched the movie you're referencing. But I think it's a mistake to make such declarative statements using words like "always".

It's 2024 and global capitalism is a relatively recent human invention. Capitalism, states, and much of what we can observe as current, "modern" human organization are ongoing experiments. Very little is a given, very little is certain to succeed or fail. But we only have to look around to see how horribly wrong things are here. Ultra leftist progressives didn't cause the problems in the US nor have they had their hands on the levers of power here.

The US, western nations and global capitalism have, in a relatively short time, created a variety of social and ecological crises, climate change being perhaps the most likely to be an existential threat to our future.

I don't know if or how we will survive but it seems to me that our recent and current political processes are not getting the job done.