@pratik @alexink @Gabz I think I've seen three of these posts today related to self-censorship. One of the interesting things about micro.blog is this sense that people are watching. I've had blogs for 20 years and I rarely had that feeling. Even though I was posting to the open web publicly there was a sense that my blog was out there in the wild. With micro.blog there is an awareness that a post is more likely to be seen, more likely to be pulled into a thread if it sparks interest. I sometimes wonder if there should be an option to make a post with comments turned off. Not private, but just a "I want to post this and not debate it" option.

All that said I don't self censor. I'm here to write what I'm thinking and I know that sometimes it's possible someone will disagree. That's okay. We are a disagreeable species with different ideas, perceptions, viewpoints and life experiences. Especially when it comes to politics, lines can get a bit blurry. My approach is to try my best to be respectful, measured and constructive. And to learn from disagreements if I can. Whether I'm learning something about myself, others, or the variations of life that we all live in.

I hope those of you that have self censored will go ahead and write. We won't always agree. And I further hope that when comments follow, those that participate do their best to follow a base-line of respect. Discussion and debate are a part of a free, civil society. We need to practice it. Communication is what we need in these times. Share what you're thinking.