@jasonekratz It's irresponsible to separate out the products from the full and actual costs which includes more than the monetary cost. The journalists, podcasters, pundits, etc are there to cover an Apple event. One aspect of that is the tech details. Another is the monetary cost. And yet another is the environmental/climate costs. Apple made it a part of the show with good reason.

Those wealthy enough to be in the top 10% can more easily crack first world jokes because we're more responsible for the creating the problem and less affected by them. Hence the whole need for the term "climate justice". I'm less concerned with the feelings of privileged journalists from developed nations than I am the damage, pain and suffering they and we all are doing to our fellow humans and the other species which share the planet with us.

What's not fair is the damage, pain, suffering and death our lifestyles are causing.

I've got no sense of humor about it.

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