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Daily Updates?

I’ve had this blog (and earlier forms) going since before 2002 when it was really just a text website (1998ish) with daily updates and coded by hand! It’s taken many forms, with many shifts in focus. But it has persisted in one form or another. Considering some changes – namely more frequent updates, but short in length. You know, an actual daily journal rather than an occasional scrapbook. I’m still considering because in part I’m just thrashing about a bit on what it is I want to do here. You’d think after all these years I’d have a more concrete understanding of my intent, but no. I think it will always likely be an evolving mishmash with some very loosely adhered to topics of interest.

Which, I suppose is fairly true to how I’ve lived my life so, at least it’s honest. 😃

An erratic blogger

Jeesh. What a mess this blog is. Fits and starts. Been a long time since I achieved any kind of consistency. I don’t see myself going back to Facebook anytime soon and I don’t seem to have the hang of Twitter. I mean, I understand the basics of it but it just does not seem to be something I connect with.  I suspect that if I’m going to have much interactivity with this interwebs thing it will be here. I’m not sure why I have difficulty with updates. Something about the workflow? Perhaps a lack of desire to communicate via this particular medium? A lack of interaction? I’m thinking it’s that last bit. This isn’t a warm and cozy place. There’s no sense of community or connection. Some blogs achieve that this one hasn’t. I’m not sure I’m someone that writes just to write. I think my impulse is to share but that implies a two way connection – a back and forth.

Pondering. Like much of my life these days, a question and not much clarity.