They're really showing the world who they are. They're proud of their dehumanization of Palestinians and their war crimes. There's no shame for them, just pride in their deliberate acts of cruelty.

    Reuters reports that Israeli army forces strapped a wounded Palestinian man to the hood of a military jeep during an arrest raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Saturday.

    According to the family of Azmi, there was an arrest raid, and he was injured during the raid, and when the family asked for an ambulance, the army took Mujahed, strapped him on the hood and drove off.

    UN Human Rights Commission: Israel's is among most Criminal Armies in the World, Clear intention of forcible Dislocation

    “What I do have expertise in and what I do have authority to do is make assessments of criminal conduct. And we’ve done that in relation to the recent events and you can see that in the report. And the only conclusion you can draw is that the Israeli army is one of the most criminal armies in the world.”

    There's a lot of confusion and contradiction in the recent back and forth between Netanyahu and Blinken on restrictions of weapons shipments to Israel. Biden has denied that he is withholding weapons and, in fact, is pushing against some in his own party:

    Biden has pressed forward with aid despite opposition from within his own Democratic party, where progressives have accused Israel of committing genocide in a war that has now killed more than 37,000 Palestinians.

    Meanwhile as US claims that Israel supports the ceasefire deal that is being negotiated Netanyahu pledges to “finish the job”.

    Apple Matches Donations to IDF and Illegal Settlements, Employees Allege

    An open letter from Apple employees and shareholders demands the tech giant stop matching employee donations to organizations with ties to the Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip and ongoing illegal settlement development in the West Bank. The letter, building on a previous demand by Apple employees for a ceasefire in the conflict, calls on the company to “promptly investigate and cease matching donations to all organizations that further illegal settlements in occupied territories and support the IDF.”

    Against a world without Palestinians – Mondoweiss

    When I was five, my father told me that I was Palestinian. I don’t know if he understood what he did, but that little piece of knowledge started a chain of consciousness in my then-child’s mind that would continue for a lifetime. Eventually, it led to the bitter realization that I now cannot escape — the awareness that we Palestinians live in an international system that has no place and no wish for us as a people.

    Biden Should Oppose US Sanctions on ICC | Human Rights Watch

    US President Joe Biden should oppose threats and calls for punitive actions against the International Criminal Court (ICC), 121 human rights and civil society groups said today in a letter to President Biden.

    On May 20, 2024, the court’s prosecutor announced that he was seeking arrest warrants for three leaders of Hamas and two senior Israeli officials. Some members of the US Congress have threatened to retaliate against the ICC, including by imposing sanctions against court officers, if the court moves forward with arrest warrants against Israeli officials in its Palestine investigation.

    The US, as always, blocks progress and justice while the world moves towards a better future. The US is not a positive force in the world:

    Jan Wildeboer

    Norway, Spain and Ireland will soon be added to the UN document A/78/846 that contains all UN members that formally recognise the State of Palestine. ATM the document is also missing Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and The Bahamas, since the last update was 2020-04-09 and their letters arrived after that date. After the next update the list will have 146 entries of the 193 member states.

    Ireland, Norway and Spain recognise Palestine as independent state | Sky News

    Ireland, Norway and Spain have officially recognised Palestine as a separate state, prompting Israel to recall its ambassadors from two of the European states.

    Speaking on Wednesday, Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris said: “Today Ireland, Norway and Spain are announcing that we recognise the state of Palestine, each of us will undertake whatever national steps are necessary to give effect to that decision.

    “I am confident that further countries will join us in taking this important step in the coming weeks.”

    Joe Biden and those in Congress that continue to support arming Israel are supporting war crimes and genocide. They are war criminals.

    Biden Administration Goes Full Genocide Denial For Israel - YouTube

    Today is Nakba Day - Wikipedia .

    Nakba Day ( ‘Memory of the Catastrophe’) is the day of commemoration for the Nakba, also known as the Palestinian Catastrophe, which comprised the destruction of Palestinian society and homeland in 1948, and the permanent displacement of a majority of the Palestinian people. It is generally commemorated on 15 May, the Gregorian calendar date of the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948. For Palestinians, it is an annual day of commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed Israel’s establishment.

    The Majority Report discussion of a clip of Zbigniew Brzezinski discussing American policy in the Middle East 22 years ago in the run up to the Iraq War.

    Just a glimpse of the long running violence and the policy failures leading to the violence of the current moment.

    …the Israelies are increasingly becoming like the white supremecist South Africans viewing the Palestinians as a lower form of life, not hesitating to kill a great many of them and justifying this on the grounds that they being the objects of terrorism, which is true, but the reactions are all out of proportion.

    It’s been clear for months that Israel is carrying out genocide in Palestine. And yet I still see Americans suggest it’s not happening, not genocide. Just two days ago a blogger citing the New York Times to suggest that the problem is confirmation bias and TikTok having undue influence.

    Sure, because the New York Times, as the gatekeeper of “All the news that’s fit to print” is to be trusted.

    The world would be a more just and peacful place if Americans made an effort to understand their role in the world. I’d suggest starting with texts like Chomsky’s “A Propaganda Model” excerpted from Manufacturing Consent, 1988 by Edward Herman & Noam Chomsky.

    “The plan is genocide”: Palestinian ambassador on Israel’s assault #Gaza - YouTube

    Senior Palestinian diplomat Husam Zomlot criticizes Western hypocrisy amid Israel’s intensifying attacks on Gaza. “The plan is genocide,” he says.

    Army Major and Pentagon Officer Resigns Over US Support of Gaza Genocide | Truthout

    Another Biden administration official has resigned over the U.S.’s unconditional support of Israel’s genocide in Gaza — this time a senior officer in the U.S. Army who also served as an intelligence official for the Pentagon.

    In a letter posted on LinkedIn on Monday, Harrison Mann wrote that he felt complicit in the “most horrific and heartbreaking images imaginable” being broadcast from Gaza while in his role…

    Democracy Now! Interview with Pulitzer Winning author and journalist Nathan Thrall on Israel’s “System of Domination” and Biden Pausing Bomb Shipment - YouTube

    We speak to Thrall about… Israel’s intensified crackdown in the West Bank, how criticism of Israel is conflated with antisemitism, and why debates over the future of a Palestinian state are an “enormous distraction from the reality on the ground” — that is, the Israeli occupation’s “system of domination that is extremely bureaucratic and elaborate, that has lasted for over half a century and is not going anywhere.”