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Denny H

August 11, 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act is a step in the right direction in terms of shifting the US towards solar and wind. But it’s still an attempt to keep the machine rolling along. Better than nothing but not nearly enough. It’s just nudge to the steering wheel but the accelerator is still full on.

Perpetual growth and consumption is not something we can continue. It’s not a truth we want to admit.

Child rape, pregnancy and abortion

With the fall of Roe we’re seeing just the beginning of what will be many terrible situations for women and yes, girls. It only took a few days and we now have the first such known example. A girl, 10 years old, raped and needing an abortion had to travel from Ohio to Indiana for the procedure.

Not surprisingly, the right-wing reacted with everything from denial of the rape happening to suggesting the pregnancy was a gift from god to, at this moment, pursuing the doctor that performed the abortion. And quite a few other feats of mental, political, linguistic gymnastics.

Denny H

May 19, 2022

So, former president George Bush, who was responsible for the invasion of Iraq in 2001 was speaking at an event and said this: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.” Of course, his assault on Iraq was brutal and unjustified. And it’s a shame that more US citizens fail to account for it.

Denny H

May 15, 2022

Time for something a bit different. Slow motion audio consisting of birds, a few frogs, crickets and other natural woodland sounds recorded this morning. Otherworldly, relaxing, eerie. Has the feel of visiting another planet. I think this will be my new background for bedtime!

Denny H

May 14, 2022

So, I discovered that WordPress can speak to the Fediverse via the activitypub plugin. Test post!

Denny H

May 13, 2022

Pink and yellow tubular columbine flowers

Columbine, a native wildflower, interesting and pretty! Also, an excellent early spring hummingbird food source.

Clusters of white flowers

Flowers on a black locust tree.