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Dark matter galaxy structure

Listening to episode 252 of Science sort of I came across this beautiful discussion of the evidence for dark matter and role it played in the formation of galaxies in the early universe. Here’s an excerpt where Ben Tippet is discussing dark matter in the computer modeling of galaxy evolution:

The galaxies wouldn’t evolve properly or in the correct timescale unless there was dark matter included in the simulations. And so, the modern description for how galaxies formed, in order for them to form in the timescale we see them forming using our telescopes, is if dark matter started out distributed everywhere. Dark matter was the first thing to collapse gravitationally, it formed a filamentary structure, in essence there are long strings of dense distributions of dark matter in the universe.

It collapsed first and then the regular, bosonic matter collapsed around the concentrations of the dark matter. The luminous galaxies we see collapsed around the pre-existing dark matter galaxies. So, there is a tremendous amount of both corroborative and direct evidence that dark matter exists.


June 4, 2021

American Water Willow

I’ve seen these before and have been waiting for them to bloom amongst some rocks near my daily trail ride.

Grassroots Authoritarianism in the US

The GOP’s ‘Off the Rails’ March Toward Authoritarianism Has Historians Worried

In particular, the real warning sign for Levitsky was that so much of the energy pushing the Republican Party in an authoritarian direction came from the bottom up and was not driven by elites. “This is a grassroots movement, really pronounced at the level of the activist base and the state level,” he said.

Ziblatt noted that once a party radicalizes, it’s very hard for the process to reverse itself. The violent events of January 6 actually presented the GOP with an exit ramp, a chance to condemn the violence and take steps toward becoming a more traditional center-right party. Instead, Levitsky argues, “they missed it.”

“Lots of GOP leaders said the right thing for 24-48 hours, took a step back, sniffed the wind, looked at the polls and continued the march towards authoritarianism,” he said.

We should probably be more worried than we seem to be. Collectively, I think the general trend in the U.S. is to not participate if we don’t have to, which is to say, complacency. Certainly, things have been stirred up far more than usual the past 10 years. So maybe things have changed on a fundamental energy. There certainly seems to be a lot more energy.

Daily Updates?

I’ve had this blog (and earlier forms) going since before 2002 when it was really just a text website (1998ish) with daily updates and coded by hand! It’s taken many forms, with many shifts in focus. But it has persisted in one form or another. Considering some changes – namely more frequent updates, but short in length. You know, an actual daily journal rather than an occasional scrapbook. I’m still considering because in part I’m just thrashing about a bit on what it is I want to do here. You’d think after all these years I’d have a more concrete understanding of my intent, but no. I think it will always likely be an evolving mishmash with some very loosely adhered to topics of interest.

Which, I suppose is fairly true to how I’ve lived my life so, at least it’s honest. 😃


May 5, 2021

My fat bike, a few weeks ago, when I cleaned it and upgraded the drivetrain to a Microshift 1×9. Thanks to spring rains it’s been dirty every day since. I’ve ridden 3,750 miles on this bike in the last 12 months. 😀


April 30, 2021

Atlantic camas, a native, wild hyacinth. I walk or ride this trail a few times a day and am really familiar with everything growing here. This is the only plant of this species I’ve found – very nice to see it pop up here!


April 27, 2021

My daily trail ride takes me along this very pretty little creek where I’m often treated to a brief sighting of a pair of wood ducks (not pictured).