Mac Nerds: It’s time for you to move on

It’s been a couple days since the WWDC24 keynote when Apple offered no hope to the Mac users of the Apple Nerd Herd that they would be getting any of iPad features they’ve been clamoring for. Folks, it’s time for you to move on. Apple isn’t going to let you put macOS on the iPad. You’ve got at least a year to wait for any hope of being able to put your Final Cut Pro export in the background while you do something else. You’ll have to keep using your Mac for your podcast production. Need to format a drive? Yep, you’ll have to use your Mac. And there’s no sign from Apple that you’ll get any of that next year.

But there is some good news for you: You’ve still got your Mac! There’s no need to continue tormenting yourself. Mac users, I implore you, please, move on. Those of us happy to use the iPad will continue to do so. The Mac is your computer and it’s time for you to accept that.