It's only been a couple weeks since I decided to do all of my blogging/writing from One Big Text File and I love it. There is zero friction. All of my posts are in one file along with my daily interstitial notes. I'm using Textastic to do the writing though the file is in my Obsidian folder so I can easily jump back to Obsidian as desired. The method is incredibly simple, quick and easy.

Any new draft post goes to the top of the file and is tagged as a draft. I currently have three. The current day's notes are just below it. This means I can easily jump to current, in-process posts when I've got time or the desire to write.

A screenshot of the Textastic App on an iPad showing the Symbols List dropdown feature

When a post gets published I replace the draft tag with published along with any other keyword tags and move it under the current day's notes. It could not be easier to manage. Referencing old posts is also easier as posts are neatly filed under the dated notes for each day. I can keyword search or use Textastic's "Symbol List" which is a handy little dropdown list in the toolbar that lets me see Markdown header items such as the date for each day's notes as well as any hashtags which break out the various posts. I can scroll down with a flick to quickly navigate the document. It almost seems too easy.

And the file is only 78 KB. Basic txt files for the win!