Monthly Archives: May 2022


May 29, 2022

14 years ago to the week I moved into my still under construction tiny house and was waking up to birds singing outside and on occasion a bird in the cabin because while the roof was on the eaves were not yet finished. For a week or two they’d visit during morning coffee. 😃

Bearded man carrying 2x4 lumber in construction of building with partial walls and partial roof
Partially built tiny house in the woods. Missing front windows and door.
Finished tiny house painted pale green with brown trim. A tree in the foreground and trees all around.


May 28, 2022

In the garden today a great spangled fritillary on a daisy and my finger. Also a bumble bee collecting pollen from a daisy.

An orange butterfly with white and black spots hangs from a white daisy with yellow center.
An orange butterfly, wings closed, rests on a hand
A bumblebee collects pollen from the yellow center of a white daisy.


May 27, 2022

Foreground consists of pinkish colored rock with. Several very large boulders at a high elevation with a view of green trees stretching to horizon.

Made an exception to my practice of avoiding non-essential use of a car to take a short drive with relatives to visit Elephant Rocks Park. The rocks consist of the remains of a pluton formed 1.4 billion years ago by cooling magma. A beautiful view.


May 26, 2022

So, yet another school shooting followed by outrage and the familiar call for change. The ugly truth is that we are all the problem, even those of us who don’t own guns and who want . We’re the problem we because we’re too passive. We demand far too little of ourselves as citizens of a supposed democratic republic – by the people, for the people, we’ve been content to watch passively as “our” government, proves ineffectual at solving problems. Voting and typing isn’t enough.

A vegetable garden planted in the center courtyard of an apartment complex
Community garden in courtyard of apartment complex, Memphis, 1993.

If we want change, be it gun control, addressing climate collapse, protecting abortion rights, confronting white supremacy, we’re going to have to get out of our houses and off our couches. The movements are all there, but we all need to help build community power via local activism: co-ops, elections, clinic escorting, protests, ultimately, we probably need to organize a and shut down the whole thing. Real direct action not complaining via keyboards.

We need real, face-to-face community building and development of relationships. It’s messy, difficult, and hard. Sometimes it amounts to very little. Sometimes it changes lives. Little changes, big changes. But if we don’t start making the efforts we can be sure that we will fail. But if we get out there and try, experiment, fail, learn, fail again, but keep building. I don’t see any other way. Waiting for broken government is just letting others do what they want with our lives.

People working in garden rows together
Community Garden, Kirksville, MO, 1991

Some examples that I’ve seen or been a part of: Bike co-op (fixing donated bikes, teaching repair skills to kids, , transport), (shared housing fostering community, shared resources, , economical), community gardens (learning how to grow food, mutual aid, time spent together, food production), tool library (sharing resources), community free schools/libraries. Almost any local business can be built as a co-op. via potluck meals


May 25, 2022

I’m not growing a lot of food in my garden but I enjoy every little bit I do grow! Most recently, lettuce and strawberries. And plenty of wild daisies which are edible though I’ve not tried them in my salad yet.

A bowl of lettuce in a bowl
Two strawberries, still attached to a plant and laying on top of brown leaves in a garden bed.
Several wild white daisies with yellow centers in foreground, background is more daisies, green foliage and a blurred tiny house.


May 24, 2022

Plant happenings! Catnip in it’s purple glory, honeysuckle and the small tree is a newly planted pawpaw in the forest garden. 

Small green tree with large, pointed leaves. A small green structure and bike are visible in the background.

A newly planted Pawpaw in the forest garden.

White honeysuckle flower set against green foliage background

Honeysuckle in bloom

Close-up image of pale purple tubular flowers with darker purple spots set against a green foliage background

Catnip macro

A plant with small purple flowers in a rock bordered garden bed with a small cabin in the background, all in a woodland setting.