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Some GoPro fun

Okay, well, I have a GoPro. It started when I took a couple of ride videos with my iPhone to share on our family shared iMessage thread which we lovingly call “The Nut Tree”. They were hand held and not too bad but not great. Both my dad and my aunt suggested I get a GoPro. I initially shrugged it off because I just didn’t expect to be doing too many videos. Mostly just sharing with no big expectations. Same with some still photos. I’m not a “YouTuber” and have no desire to get into that. I’ve done the occasional YouTube when it seems to have educational value but just oddball stuff on no schedule.

Anyhoooo, both my aunt and dad brought it up a few times and each time they suggested it the idea sounded better. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have this…

I have to admit, it’s fun. I do enjoy sharing and editing video is fun. I’m not planning to put a lot of time into it but I expect I’ll post a few of these off and on. I’d not posted to Instagram in over a year because of the Facebook ownership and my distaste for Facebook. But with our new cycling project in town I decided I’d start posting again, primarily cycling related stuff so I’ll share the videos there too. But ultimately I want to make sure that my time on the bike is about riding, not documenting.

Lots of very nice rides this week including today which was forecasted to be an all day rain. It cleared up late afternoon and the sun came out. I’d put three hours of charge on the 50% battery I had and had plenty of juice to get out for a two hour sunset ride. Great thing about sunset (and sunrise) rides and walks is that the birds are always so active. Really nice to see and hear their heightened activity. An excellent way to end the day!

3/13 39
3/15 38.5
3/16 15
3/17 39.4
3/18 25.9

Really enjoying that new extension on my normal ride. Bumps me up to 39ish miles and 3 hours long. Beautiful ride. Funny, now 25 miles seems like a short ride! If I keep at my current rate of riding I’ll end the year at or above 7,000 miles. I’m trying not to be too goal oriented and just get out when I want to. Maybe. But I often tend to see things like this as a challenge and I tend to push further rather than being content. We’ll see

Back Country

One of the reasons I love being on a bike is the pace. I’m never in a hurry on a bike as it’s already a step up from walking and I really do enjoy experiencing the environment I’m in. Slow is fine with me! My current route is really two parts. The blacktop has me riding at about 14 to 17mph and it’s a nice ride. But my favorite part of the ride, by far, is the gravel portion which is a narrow road with trees right up to the edges. At 9 to 12mph I’m really relaxed and enjoying the slow flow of trees around me and the ground under me. I’m a walker on a bike!

Enjoying that slow pace also means that I’ll get better range off of each charge which is a nice bonus. On Tuesday I set out on a ride intending to add an additional 6.7 mile loop to my usual 32 miles. It was a fantastic ride! The new loop is about 4 miles of really nice gravel and a couple miles of pavement. The total ride was just short of 39 miles. On Wednesday I thought I’d try extending that loop around Perry Lake and that didn’t work out because Perry Lake is a private neighborhood with a gated entrance! I rode on up to HWY T then turned around and returned to my new loop ending up with my longest ride yet, 44 miles and 3.5 hours. That extra bit had the steepest hills I’ve ridden on the Rover with a grade at about 15%, maybe a bit more. Total elevation on the ride was 3,145. No problem getting up those hills using about 600 watts and peddling fairly hard in the granny gear. No way I’d do it without moderate peddling. Average speed around 12.5mph for the full ride and 40% battery capacity remaining.

Having a chance to explore around Madison and surrounding counties has been a fantastic experience. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be back on a bike. One note about my riding style, as much as possible I’m keeping to lower PAS levels 1 and 2 in part because I’m riding the bike and not driving it. At the end of the day I want to put in as close to 100% of my own effort and I think that’s more likely at those lower PAS levels. There might come a time when my knees are not healthy enough to pedal as much as I am now and then I’ll use the electric assist more but until that time I really enjoy putting forth the effort.

Lastly, just to point out and emphasize the amazing efficiency of the bicycle and electric bike, I’m riding 30 miles on about a nickel’s worth of electricity and my own effort which amounts to about 1,000 calories of food each ride. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Mileage for the two days:
3/10 38.9
3/11 44.2

Peddling Fool

2/28 31.3 miles
2/29 40.5 miles
3/1 38.7 miles
3/2 35.3 miles
3/3 34.1 miles
3/4 34.2 miles
3/5 34.2 miles
3/6 7.4 miles Rest day!
3/7 35.6 miles
3/8 33.2 miles
3/9 Rain and rest!

So much fun on the bike these past few weeks! I forced myself to take a rest day on the 6th because I’d had 8 days straight riding 30 miles and it was a really windy day so I figured if I was due to give my legs a break best to do it on a day when riding wasn’t going to be as enjoyable. I did get in a short 7 mile ride though! Then today we had rain forecast for the whole day so I helped my dad with some shopping and took another rest. Back in the saddle tomorrow though!

I’ve been cycling almost daily since the 21st of December and starting in February my rides started to lengthen to 30+ miles with the arrival of the Rover and it’s improved battery. The longer rides have been fantastic with the exception of by butt so, I finally took the plunge and bought 2 pair of padded cycling shorts. I’m really looking forward to some increased comfort starting with a longer ride tomorrow! Planning an extension of what has become my normal 32 mile ride to 38 miles and if that goes well will do another extension to 43 miles around Lake Perry soon after. We’ve got some rain in the forecast so I may have a few shorter days but I’ve got some new rain gear arriving soon, so rainy-day riding is something I’ll be doing a lot more of.

In the past few weeks of riding I’m really taking my time with average speed per ride of 12 to 13 mph. I tend to do the 8 miles from home at PAS 2 and 3 at about 16mph as it’s the wider and well paved county road. Then the gravel and rough pavement of the next 8 miles at the slower PAS 1 and 2. This gravel road I’m riding is so fantastic I’m finding that I’m in no hurry to get through that part of the ride and just really enjoy the casual pace and quiet woods. I suspect that with that kind of riding the battery range increases dramatically as PAS 1 uses only 33 to 66 watts which equates to several extra hours of power. If I’m going slower and peddling that means a good bit of extra range. It will be interesting to see where the battery stands after 43 miles. I’m expecting that I can get 50 miles or a bit more with careful use.

In my previous post I complained a bit about the gravel being too deep on the road is it got closer to HWY BB but I’ve since found it’s really not too bad to ride. It’s not as nice as the dirt but I’ll deal with it because it’s still a decent gravel road! Plus I’ll need to get used to it if I want to extend my ride further in this direction which I do as it leads me to the additional loop around Lake Perry and some other possible routes.

One other thing to note since my last post which is that I’ve now got an occasional riding parter, Bryce who will also be helping with our Spokes and Folks group rides. Super nice guy and fun to ride with. Looking forward to more rides with him. He’s been riding around the county for several years and it’s going to be a blast riding some of his routes. There’s a lot more of Madison County to see after I spend a bit more time dipping my toes into this corner of Perry County!