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Fredericktown, MO Website

This is one of those rare posts that has absolutely nothing to do with the homestead. Just a note about a project I’ve been working on which is finally starting to come together. The small town of Fredericktown, Missouri finally, in 2010, has a website! Better late then never I suppose. For such a small site it sure has taken me a long time to pull this together! I’m collecting most of the information myself (hence the duration of the project) and I’ve still got a good bit more information to collect but it is slowly getting there. It’s nothing fancy but it’s I think its simple, clean design get’s the job done.

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Thinking of Spring

Waiting for spring.We’ve now had two days above 55 degrees! Yesterday was fantastic with full sun all day. The bees were out of their hive scouting around. The chickens and guineas were happily taking dust baths and scratching through mulch looking for bugs. We’ve had snow cover over much of the ground for most of January and February. It has finally melted off with only a few spots remaining in the deep shade. I’ve started a tray of broccoli, cabbage and kohlrabi and will be starting another of tomatoes and peppers. Oh, and eggplant as well. Basically, I’ll have seed trays on every flat surface in the cabin and greenhouse. Last night, right on que, the Spring Peepers began singing just after sunset. There is nothing more beautiful than the early spring song of these amazing frogs. Listening to them sing in the cool evening of late winter/early spring is magical.

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