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  • Three weeks with the new iPad

    Awhile back I posted about being a freelance tech worker. Here’s another tech related post, originally posted at my MacProductive Blog. For anyone living remotely in a small space the iPad is a perfect choice for computing and for many it may be the best Internet access available. It’s been three weeks with the iPad […]

  • Living Simply
  • Being a one man shop

    This was actually written for the blog on my freelance Mac consulting/web design gig, MacProductive but I thought I’d cross post it here as I’d guess some of the folks that read a site about homesteading might also be interested in making a living doing freelance type work as they seem to mesh together pretty […]

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  • Geek in the Garden

    Please excuse this momentary lapse into a bit of geekitude. A few years back I started using geekinthegarden for email and various account user names because I was, after all a geek who spend a good bit of his time in the garden. These past two years living at the homestead I’ve been much less […]