• Living Simply
  • Zebra Swallowtail

    I’ve been seeing these around but usually while I’m working, hands dirty and no camera around. Went out this morning to work on the path to the kiwi arbor in the food forest and saw one nectaring from the Autumn Olive so I grabbed the camera and got a few shots. Technorati Tags:Ecology, Food, Food […]

  • Conservation
  • Humanure!!

    We’ve started our permaculture project!! Our site is about 110 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri on about 300 acres total with a lake. We’ll be using just a few acres, probably less than 5 to start with. We spent the first weekend of work accomplishing our first goal: building an outhouse for collecting human […]

  • Climate Change
  • Fall Light

    This was taken a few weeks ago. There’s no doubt that the fall weather was very late to arrive this year. We had mostly green leaves on trees up to the end of October. I suspect we will see very little snow this winter just as we’ve seen very little in the past four… far […]

  • Global Warming
  • Summer Ends

    Northern Sea Oats in my garden. It seems that fall may finally be arriving with a bit of cool weather. As I write this 95% of our trees are still very green. It’s October 10th and we’re just beginning to see fall color. The past few weeks have seen most days into the low 90s […]