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  • Thinking of Spring

    We’ve now had two days above 55 degrees! Yesterday was fantastic with full sun all day. The bees were out of their hive scouting around. The chickens and guineas were happily taking dust baths and scratching through mulch looking for bugs. We’ve had snow cover over much of the ground for most of January and […]

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  • Loretta

    I’m not sure how to say this. I think I’m in love with a goose. Is that strange? I kid. Really though, she is quite a sweet goose and I am very fond of her. She started hanging out here in early August and has been here every day since. I started calling her Loretta […]

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  • Rooted in a place

    Several weeks ago I finally made the short journey down to see Roger’s place. I’d met Roger this past fall through Ruth Ann and the Cowboy Coffee. It’s funny actually, the first or second time I’d gone into the coffee shop Roger was at the far end with Ruth and Juli and they were dancing […]

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  • The Biomass of the Tree

    I’ve been slowly working my way through Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Designer’s Manual and really, it is an amazing book. Lots to take in so I’m taking my time and really relishing it. From Chapter 6: A tree is, broadly speaking, many biomass zones. These are the stem and crown (the visible tree), the detritus and […]

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  • Orphaned Fawn

    Meet the newest resident at the permaculture homestead. Saturday morning my friends Karen and David were using a tractor in one of their fields and came upon this little fawn who ran to a nearby creek and then jumped from a rock ledge into the water eight feet below. David used a chain to rappel […]

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  • Garden a’growin

    With the recent rain and now very warm weather the garden is really coming alive. The tomatoes have not looked very good due to the flooded soil but now that we’ve gotten a bit of a lull they are perking up and starting to look pretty good. I’ve got four different kinds of basil coming […]

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  • Chip and the Girls

    I’ve now got all of our flock together. 29 birds, five of them are roosters the rest hens. When all the young ones start laying we will have 20-24 eggs a day. It is very nice to have the five that are laying now. We’ve got five guineas ordered and will be getting them sometime […]

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  • Zebra Swallowtail

    I’ve been seeing these around but usually while I’m working, hands dirty and no camera around. Went out this morning to work on the path to the kiwi arbor in the food forest and saw one nectaring from the Autumn Olive so I grabbed the camera and got a few shots. Technorati Tags:Ecology, Food, Food […]

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  • Food Forest and Garden Update

    I’ve got seedlings everywhere: 70 tomatoes of 5 varieties, 40 peppers of 5 varieties, 70 eggplant of 5 varieties and 22 comfrey. The remaining cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi, about 40 plants total, will be getting transplanted into the garden tomorrow. The peas and fava beans are all up as are lettuce, radish, spinach, kale and […]