• Education
  • Busy Spring!

    Spring has come to Missouri and with it lots of work for Tucker Creek Creative as well as plenty of work for us at Make-it-Do Farm. As if my freelance work and our farm/garden projects weren’t enough, we’ve also been busy with activities for the kids. Mainly we’ve discovered Farmington-based Lab Revolution which is a technology-based […]

  • Living Simply
  • Recycled Wood Shelving

    We’ve been wanting to better utilize one of the walls in our bedroom and finally got around to the project during a brief warm spell in January. The goal was rustic shelving that would hold books, satellite modem, and our flat screen. We had a stack of beautifully weathered old cedar wood that had previously […]

  • Living Simply
  • Staying Warm

    There’s nothing quite like staying warm in the winter with wood. In the past I tried to cut and split what I needed but with the years my back has gotten increasingly cranky (as has Kaleesha’s). In particular cutting and splitting wood is a task that can easily put us in bed. That said, sometimes it […]

  • Homeschool
  • The Maker

    Farra loves to write and loves to draw so now she has started her first comic book. As she would say (in her best Spock voice): “It’s only logical.”The girl has talent.

  • Make-It-Do
  • Episode 5 of our podcast Rhubarb and Sam

    This week in Rhubarb and Sam, discussing community, connecting and not connecting. In particular, feeling connected to our new friends in England even as we feel disconnected locally. Being atheists in a conservative Christian community can often be a strange experience with few community connections. We work to cultivate and nurture the few that we […]

  • Garden
  • Great Tomatoes!

    Big tomatoes! These are some amazing plants we have this year! We’ve got great soil which we’ve made better with plenty of composted goat manure and hay. Really good stuff. No sign of tomatoe hornworms yet but I’m sure they’ll show eventually.