• Kaleesha Williams
  • Free Ebook Today!

    Kaleesha’s book, Free to Be, is a freebie today on Amazon! If you’ve already read it but have not yet left a review please consider doing so as it is a huge help! If you’ve not gotten your copy why are you still here?? You might also want to consider checking out her blog. Good […]

  • Humanity
  • Idealism, Diplomacy, and the Pale, Blue Dot

    Kaleesha’s at it again with a really wonderful post about our human ideas about the way things are supposed to be.. Today at lunch I overheard my six year old directing one of the older children in the making of her PB&J sandwich. “Not like that. I want it the way it’s supposed to be.” […]

  • Kaleesha Williams
  • Domestic Bliss

    A fantastic new essay by Kaleesha is posted over at Patreon. Please visit and consider supporting her work as a writer. She often makes it look easy but I see how much time she puts into crafting her posts. While it is true that she loves writing it is also true that writing is not […]

  • Kaleesha Williams
  • Kaleesha’s Book!

    We got the proof copy for Kaleesha’s book “Free to Be” today!! Have I said recently how proud I am of Kaleesha? So happy to be sharing life with her and looking forward to sharing many more of her future accomplishments. We will be ordering our first batch of copies of her book in the […]

  • Christianity
  • Actually reading the Bible

    I’ve been reading the 1st draft of Kaleesha’s book and just about finished. She concludes with a kind of endnotes regarding her exploration of 14+ year exploration of Christianity and religion. At the end so that those that don’t want to be bothered with reading the details about religion don’t have to… I have to […]