• Conservation
  • Humanure!!

    We’ve started our permaculture project!! Our site is about 110 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri on about 300 acres total with a lake. We’ll be using just a few acres, probably less than 5 to start with. We spent the first weekend of work accomplishing our first goal: building an outhouse for collecting human […]

  • Ecology
  • Growing Native

    My first YouTube video, an export of a Keynote presentation about growing a native wildflower garden for habitat. An excellent way to reduce usage of water and fossil fuels by replacing grass with plants that are native to an area and better suited to that environment. No need for fertilization and less use of water […]

  • Ecology
  • Of bees and flowers

    Bee and Dandelion While this is not a honeybee it is a bee and one of many that pollinates the flowers in our little garden. At the moment there are not many flowers blooming in the garden but there are plenty of dandelions in the lawn! Speaking of lawns, I’ve ordered a new non-gasoline 20″ […]

  • Antarctica
  • Climate Change Round-up

    I suppose it is a good sign that I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of the recent media coverage of climate change. I would like to point out though that while the coverage is now consistent via the web I’m not seeing it nearly as much on the television. I don’t watch […]