• Climate Change
  • National Climate Assessment

    A very nicely done website though it is a shame so little has been done to make real world changes: National Climate Assessment. Not that educating the public isn’t important. It certainly is. But far too little is happening in the way of real and drastic changes. From the page: U.S. average temperature has increased by […]

  • Astronomy
  • Carl’s Birthday

    Yesterday was Carl Sagan’s birthday. I really should have celebrated with a night of star gazing but I was exhausted from a full day and a full week so I stayed inside. It seems fitting though that sometime around 3 am I awoke with thoughts of Carl, the Universe and my place in it. As […]

  • Arctic
  • Untitled

    A comparison of sea ice extent before the melting period began in March 2012 and after the melting period ended in September 2012. Purple line in these photos represents 1979-2000 median for Arctic ice. Image Credit: NOAA The NOAA recently released its 2012 Arctic Report. I can’t recall how many times I’ve gotten into a conversation with someone who, in the […]

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  • Petunia and her baby

    Petunia was given to me in May 2009 to raise after she was separated from her mother. She’s now 2 years old and has her own baby born around May 27th, 2011. Petunia is semi-wild, meaning that she still visits me, allows me to touch her, eats corn from my hand, and, if given the […]

  • Climate Change
  • Some Climate Change Facts

    Irregular Times has a great post regarding the climate data from the NASA Goddard Institute. For those that like to pick one winter and pretend that it voids reality because it snowed and was cold, well, they’re wrong. Frankly it is pathetic that so many are so cowardly that they will do anything to continue living […]

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  • Warm and Cozy!

    We’ve had some pretty cold weather since my last update on the wood stove and thermal mass. I’m happy to report that the thermal mass has continued to make a huge difference in the moderation of indoor temperatures. In the past week we’ve had several days in a row with overnight lows at or below […]

  • Climate Change
  • Copenhagen Aftermath

    I’d planned on writing about the recent climate change talks but Asymptotic Life has a great post on the Copenhagen Aftermath to get it started. I may add more later. The leader of the G-77 group of developing nations said, “It is asking Africa to sign a suicide pact, an incineration pact in order to […]