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Old wood nooks, crannies and shelves

It's been nearly a year since I moved back into my cabin and it's been a good year of settling back into my place again. Much of what I'd done had been undone during my two years away but I've been busy making it my home. I had no intention of trying to return it to how I left it but thought something new out of available materials would be better. I had a good bit of reclaimed wood to use and that took care of about 60%. I did end up buying some trim boards as well as a few boards for shelving.

The above image is a corner of the cabin which started with some shelving on brackets but it looked naked so I used much of my reclaimed wood to warm it up a bit. It's a mix of oddball sizes which resulted in a very cozy, dynamic surface with different depths. Even better, as I puzzle pieced it together I built in little shelves just deep enough for my iPad, candles, small potted plants, bluetooth speaker and any other oddly little thing that needs a temporary home. When I've had a chance to reclaim more old wood I'll likely take it down another 14" so that it disappears below my futon.

Tiny Cabin and Tiny Workspace Organization

My cabin interior redesign is now finished!!

Here is the finished and now neatly organized corner of my cabin that is the “office”. So much better than the unused and oh so messy loft! Everything is now neatly organized on the selves which are now mostly covered by curtains (Thanks Kerry!!) for a tidy appearance.

Not only is the cabin a much more pleasant place to be but keeping it clean is now so much easier. It may just be a change in attitude on my part but yeah, I’m enjoying being organized. It’s also nice having a “work space” which is something I’ve not had for the past few months because I replaced my previous table/desk with a futon.

The paint was a great decision. As much as I enjoyed the plain wood it needed to be protected. The paint has done wonders to brighten the place up and add to the sense of organization and tidiness. Good call!

Progress on Interior Redesign!

Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law my tiny house now has a very different feel and the space is much more effectively used. The sleeping loft that was never used except for a catch all for stuff is now gone and replaced by shelves. The mattress I had underneath is now replaced by a futon under my front window. All the stuff that never had a proper home in the cabin before is now up on shelves… It is all very neat and organized!

It’s not done yet. Next weekend my sister is going to sew three curtain panels to cover the lower half of the shelving system which will give it a tidier look and keep dust out.

I also decided to paint. I’ve been living in it these four years with no finish on the walls because I couldn’t make a decision. At this point though the plywood bead board is getting all sorts of funky with dirt, moisture, oil, and light… time for a more uniform look so paint it is!

Interior Redesign

Big things are coming to my little cabin! After four years in the cabin with a guest sleeping loft rarely used I’ve decided to make a few changes. I am taking out the loft and my bed beneath it and replacing it with a wall of shelves, desk and futon. The poorly organized mess in the loft will be getting neatly organized and should really open up the space. I’ll probably do a bit of painting, I’ve never liked the fake wood exterior of the shelving unit that holds all my clothing. Will be moving my small flatscreen, MacMini, speakers and AppleTV into the top of that unit since those cloths will be organized on the new shelves. My futon is directly across from the unit so it makes for perfect viewing.

What a mess, I can’t wait to get it done! Pictures and an update in the next day or so.