• Astronomy
  • Observing Mars

    Mars. The Red Planet. We’ve made great progress learning about our neighbor in recent decades. We’ve currently got two active robots performing experiments and have had others. Imagery from Curiosity is incredibly detailed as is the science coming in from it’s ongoing collecting and processing of samples. I’ve mentioned before how easy it is to […]

  • Ecology
  • Big on Small

    I’m big on small and have been for much of my adult life. Not just small but tiny if at all possible. What might it mean to be small? I’d suggest that we just start by acknowledging our own smallness. We spend much of our lives in a relentless effort to find or create our […]

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  • The New Diggs!!

    Aaaaahhhh. Yes. Here we are. Well, here I am. I assume that there might be a we. It is certainly my hope that there will be a we. In any case, I am most definitely here. This will be a continuation of the blogging I’ve been doing over at ourtomorrow.blogspot.com for the past 10 or […]