Staying Warm

There’s nothing quite like staying warm in the winter with wood. In the past I tried to cut and split what I needed but with the years my back has gotten increasingly cranky (as has Kaleesha’s). In particular cutting and splitting wood is a task that can easily put us in bed. That said, sometimes it just has to be done. If it weren’t for the pain it would be a nice way to spend a few hours outside with the kids. Even with the back pain we seem to be able to enjoy it a bit. Everyone working together makes for some sweet moments.

Luckily we had some wood left over at the top of the hill from our observatory project. Cut over a year ago it was perfect for splitting and has been keeping us warm for the past week. Royal and Little were especially helpful in transporting the wood down the hill, smiling and chit-chatting the whole time. Adorable.

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  1. Sacred Habitats

    You should consider building a 'Rocket Mass Heater' – you can use a small amount of sticks and never haul or split logs again = Saves Trees and Supports Fungi Forest Growth Too!(you're not removing as much fallen wood from forests, be sure to look up Paul Stamets for the scoop on fungi, and now fungi & bee's!)

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