• Simple Living
  • Finding Paw Paws

    So we’re on our walk this morning and Kaleesha stops and says she smells paw paws. This woman has a really good nose! 10 harvested!! There’s nothing quite like the sweetness of a simple life lived deliberately.

  • Astronomy
  • The Milky Way Reflected

    Stunning image of the disk of our Milky Way galaxy: 200 – 500 billion other stars just in our galaxy which is one of billions of galaxies. Fantastic!The bulge you see at the center is the actual center of the disk and contains a super massive black hole and is 26,000 light-years from our Solar […]

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  • The Unhappy Medium

    Kaleesha has a great write-up on skeptic and atheist indy author Tim Brown’s excellent work of comedy, “The Unhappy Medium”. Read her review and then download the Kindle Book for free tomorrow. Or buy it for only $5 today! Absolutely hilarious and well worth your time! From the book: When even the laws of physics […]

  • communication
  • Racism ruined my dinner

    For me Ferguson started when I was around 12 years old. Let’s say, 1981. I was at the doctor’s office and my doctor was making small talk. I don’t remember the exact question he’d asked but it was something along the lines of did I like football and who was my favorite player. I don’t […]