• Astronomy
  • Rhubarb and Sam, Episode 4

    This week in Rhubarb and Sam, astronomy! We set-up at the Tucker Creek observatory for some time at the telescope only to have a clear night turn into a not-so-clear night due to high humidity. The stars were still pretty bright in our dark skies so we settled in on the moon couch (our disc […]

  • Astronomy
  • Wonderland

    There are moments in life when everything feels just right. I’m not sure if those moments are happening all the time and it is just a matter of seeing them, recognizing them and acknowledging them or if it is the act of recognizing the potential of their existence that we help them into existence. Whatever […]

  • Make-It-Do
  • Rhubarb and Sam, Episode 3

    This week in Rhubarb and Sam a middle of the night discussion of identity, life on earth, feeling small and feeling large. Have a listen! Please note that you can subscribe to the podcast in several ways: At the iTunes store via this link.If you are using an RSS reader or podcast app use this […]