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  • Growing into skepticism

    As children we are in a constant state of exploration. We turn over rocks, look under cushions all the while asking the adults around us “why”? We humans are born with a natural curiosity about our surroundings. At an early age we begin learning by listening, looking, touching, smelling and tasting. Sometimes the experience is […]

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  • Always be skeptical

    At least two of my FB friends posted and praised this completely false “article”. Um… NO. NO. NO. More of the same “the man has the cure to cancer and is hiding it because he’s trying to protect profits!!” misinformation. Folks, before you post stuff like this read it critically and skeptically. I’m not suggesting […]

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  • Atheists not allowed to hold office in seven states?!

    WOW. Seven states do not allow atheists to hold public office. Yeah, that’s not a joke. “This prejudice is particularly evident in the political realm, where being open about non-belief is an insuperable barrier to election. Moreover, seven states still ban atheists from holding office — prohibitions that violate the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition on religious […]

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  • Almost all of the tomatoes planted!

    All of the tomatoes are finally planted! Edit: we decided to extend the small row and finish off the tray…. so, almost all of them planted! We had lots of cedar from our observatory project at the top of the hill so we’ve been putting those branches to good use. In this case, a sturdy, […]

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  • Crab apple!

    Planting our first tree together! A crab apple for aid in pollinating the Arkansas Black. That’s three apple trees total. Of course we’d like more fruit trees but it’s a start! As usual I can depend on Kaleesha to write up a beautiful post about it.

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  • National Climate Assessment for Agriculture

    National Climate Assessment for Agriculture: Climate disruptions to agriculture have increased. Many regions will experience declines in crop and livestock production from increased stress due to weeds, diseases, insect pests, and other climate change induced stresses. The United States produces nearly $330 billion per year in agricultural commodities, with contributions from livestock accounting for roughly […]

  • Climate Change
  • National Climate Assessment

    A very nicely done website though it is a shame so little has been done to make real world changes: National Climate Assessment. Not that educating the public isn’t important. It certainly is. But far too little is happening in the way of real and drastic changes. From the page: U.S. average temperature has increased by […]

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  • Creationism by another name

    Excellent op-ed in the Post Dispatch faith pages. Timely, too: there are still two antievolution bills active in the Missouri legislature, HB 1587 (in the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education) and HB 1472 (passed the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education and now with the House Rules Committee).