• Creationism
  • Cosmos Wars

    The creationists really don’t like the new Cosmos series. Of course, I’m sure they didn’t like the original either. CCCosmos Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Silliness: But this sense of wonder does not touch the hearts of those who reflexively dismiss scientific findings as merely “materialistic” threats to their faith. They have no interest […]

  • Religion
  • Creationism: defender of superstition

    “During more than twenty-five years of teaching and defending evolutionary biology, I’ve learned that creationism is like the inflatable roly-poly clown I played with as a child: when you punch it, it briefly goes down, but then pops back up. And while the Dover trial is an American story, creationism isn’t a uniquely American problem. […]

  • Atheism
  • Atheist Morality

    It’s a fairly common opinion in the U.S., which is predominately Christian, that religion or a belief in a god is a requirement of morality. A recent Pew poll continues to support this notion. Of course this is not the case. No, not even close. But it is what believers tend to believe and it […]

  • Kaleesha Williams
  • Kaleesha’s Book!

    We got the proof copy for Kaleesha’s book “Free to Be” today!! Have I said recently how proud I am of Kaleesha? So happy to be sharing life with her and looking forward to sharing many more of her future accomplishments. We will be ordering our first batch of copies of her book in the […]

  • Astronomy
  • Cosmic Dance

    A few weeks back I wrote about viewing the supernova in M82. It was first observed around the same time that an article was circulating about the continuing and drastic decline of Monarch butterfly populations. I had both the supernova and the threat to the Monarch on my mind when I sat down to write […]

  • Science Outreach
  • New York Times Cosmos Review

    A great write up of the Cosmos reboot! “‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’ comes at a critical moment for a society that is increasingly fragmented. If we are going to decide big issues, like eating genetically modified food, fracking for natural gas, responding to the prospect of drastic climate change, exploring space or engaging in ambitious […]