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  • Accepting Complexity

    A few days ago we had a visit from the Johavah’s Witnesses. We glanced out the window and didn’t recognize the van. When I saw them get out I guessed pretty quickly who they were and excitedly put on my shoes. By the time I got out to the car they were already in conversation […]

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  • Bringing Permaculture to Make-It-Do

    Hugelculture herb spiral in construction. Leaves and wood used as organic filler, topped with soil and compost. Let me start by saying that Permaculture is not a new concept for Kaleesha and she’s been putting various elements of it into practice for several years. What is new though is having me around and my thoughts […]

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  • Building a Partnership With Kaleesha

    Living in the cabin these past 5 years I’ve gotten very good at being single and alone most of the time. I’ve not had a serious long term relationship since 2001. But I’m good at being a partner, I enjoy it greatly and find the cooperative process a very rewarding one. Connecting with someone of […]