Eastern Ozarks Astronomical Society Updates!

I’m very happy to report that our work towards building an organizational advocate for astronomy and science in Madison County is coming along! Lots of tidbits to report. We’ve had a good bit of support on our Facebook discussion group as well as the new community group set-up on FB. You can never have enough Facebook pages can you? Actually, I’m pretty sure you can. Frances Madeson was kind enough to feature me on her blog in a post aptly titled, Throw me to the Coyotes. I know, that does not sound astronomy related but I assure you, it is. I’m honored to have been interviewed by her.

EOAS member Corey Warner of Studio 222 designed a fantastic logo for us and Karen Whitener was interviewed, for J-98, for one of the regional radio stations which will be airing the spot several times so that will help get the word out as well. Thanks to Scott Kubala of J-98 for taking an interest in our project. I also set up the Eastern Ozarks Astronomical Society website to seal the deal!

We’ve got many evenings ahead of us and I expect that they will each be filled with the joy that seems to come with the shared exploration of the universe. Dark Skies!

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