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  • A Cold and Snowy Night!

    A 13 second exposure of my scope and all the snownicely illuminated by the moon! Note Sirius in thelower left corner of the image. Wish I’d gone just a bithigher to fit Orion in the image! We’ve been clouded over since the December 14th, the night of the fantastic Geminid shower so when it cleared late yesterday […]

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  • Buying a Telescope

    My scope, chair and work stand with EP case. I came across a post on the Space Community on Google+ recently asking advice about buying telescopes. As I wrote a reply that seemed to get longer and longer I realized I was writing a good bit and might as well make it a post here […]

  • Arctic
  • Untitled

    A comparison of sea ice extent before the melting period began in March 2012 and after the melting period ended in September 2012. Purple line in these photos represents 1979-2000 median for Arctic ice. Image Credit: NOAA The NOAA recently released its 2012 Arctic Report. I can’t recall how many times I’ve gotten into a conversation with someone who, in the […]

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  • Geminids and Galaxies

    I’ve not had a chance to report on last Thursday night’s meteor shower and my extended time under the stars! There’s a patch of sky I explored, in a constellation called Coma Berenices that is full of galaxies. One after another. The highlight of the night was NGC 4490, the Cocoon Galaxies in Canes Venatici. […]

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  • Finding Bliss in the Universe

    Between the moon at the first of the month and the nearly constant cloudiness it’s been hard getting any kind of extended time at the scope. Last night was fantastic and it looks like the forecast for the next 2-3 nights looks great. M81 and M82 Knowing I had the whole night I wasn’t rushed […]

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  • Fire in the sky

    Image of NGC 7331 and companions My viewing session for Tuesday 12/4 started off with some fireworks. Really. I’d just gotten set-up and and viewed a couple of objects and was entering the observations when, at about 9:30pm,  there was a meteor so bright that I saw it while facing the opposite direction. I was […]

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  • Dancing with the clouds

    Image of Jupiter from SkySafari Last night… was a fun night of observation. It was supposed to be cloudy and when I went in at 5 after putting the chickens up it was. Then I got a text message from Russ (Astronomy viewing buddy) suggesting it was clear and wishing he’d come out. I step […]